GAL☆GAN - Gal*Gun



Gal*Gun is a Japanese rail shooter bishojo game developed by Inti Creates and Alchemist. Tenzou, the protagonist, is a student who is accidentally shot with several Cupid Arrows by an apprentice angel, Patako. The blessing from the arrows makes Tenzou irresistible to the opposite sex, transforming him into the most popular boy in school for one day. Armed with "pheromone shots", the player keeps the girls at bay by shooting them - making them drop to the floor in dizzy ecstasy - while trying to cultivate a romance with one of the four main female leads. The shooting is broken up by "action events" similar to that of a boss battle, as well as a doki doki mode where the player has the option to zoom in and stare at one particular girl he fancied.

开发商Inti Creates
合集Gal Gun
发售时间2011-1-27(日本): Xbox 3602012-2-23(日本): PlayStation 3