摇滚乐团4 Rock Band 4

摇滚乐团4Rock Band 4

Rock Band, the award-winning social and interactive music performance experience, is back! Form your own band, rock the world, and live out your ultimate rock and roll fantasy, with your friends, family, or as a solo act. Rock Band 4 delivers the ultimate platform for gamers to experience music, giving players the chance to rock in the shoes of the biggest guitarists, bassists, drummers, and singers of all time. Rock Band 4 delivers the most authentic music game ever, challenging rockers to master lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals.
极品飞车:变速 Need for Speed: Shift

极品飞车:变速Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed™ SHIFT is an award-winning authentic racing game that combines the true driver’s experience with real-world physics, pixel-perfect car models, and a wide range of authentic race tracks. Need for Speed SHIFT takes players in a different direction to create a simulation experience that replicates the true feeling of driving...
驾校模拟 Driving School Simulator

驾校模拟Driving School Simulator

Buckle up, adjust your mirrors and get ready to put your driving abilities to the test as you prove your skills on the streets! Choose between driving a traditional car, bus, or truck and prepare to navigate city streets, mountain roads, or scenic highways.
欧洲航船模拟 European Ship Simulator

欧洲航船模拟European Ship Simulator

A speeding power boat, a humble tug to a luxury cruise liner. Captain eight highly detailed ships, fight against realistic water physics and take in spectacular vistas as you navigate famous European ports.
极品飞车:热力追踪 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

极品飞车:热力追踪Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

《极品飞车:热力追踪》(Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit)是由Criterion Games工作室负责开发,EA公司发行的一款竞速类游戏,也是新一代的热力追踪系列作品。本作将回归到警察通缉模式,允许玩家进行全球网络对战,将再次回归名贵跑车,游戏过程将解锁新的跑车及武器和装备,全新的开放地图。
绘图方块 Picross DS

绘图方块Picross DS

Fill in squares using simple hints to reveal the hidden picture. Players need both puzzle-solving skills and creativity to earn a picture reward. Each puzzle has a sequence of numbers written in the margins of each column and each row. Those numbers show how many squares within that column or row need to be filled in. Players must deduce where each filled square is based on the numbers in the puzzle. Incorrect guesses earn the player a time penalty. If players solve the puzzle in under one hour, they earn a reward picture, an animated illustration of the thing represented in the puzzle. Puzzles range in size from simple 5x5 squares to much more challenging 15x15 squares—and larger. Players can create and swap puzzles with one another.
水之道 Puddle


世界杯橄榄球赛15 Rugby 15

世界杯橄榄球赛15Rugby 15

Next-generation graphics unrivalled in a rugby union game, voices by the real TV commentators, accessible and precise controls, and emergent AI that dynamically adapts to situations and your playing style, so you experience all of the emotions of rugby union with the only official Top 14 simulation! Take the helm of official teams and clubs from the most prestigious leagues: the Aviva Premiership Rugby, the Pro 12 and, in a world exclusive, the TOP 14 and Pro D2! Share your passion for rugby with players from around the world through the online social features and tables.
漫游仙境 Wander


你是否曾好奇大自然中藏着什么样的秘密?现在你可以透过漫游《Wander》这款非战斗叙事型 MMO(大型多人线上游戏)的奇妙世界,发现隐藏的秘密了。
简易火箭 Simple Rockets

简易火箭Simple Rockets

SimpleRockets was released in 2013 for mobile and a ton of work was put into getting it ready for PC and Mac. It was inspired by KSP, and it offers a simpler 2D experience for building rockets and exploring space with realistic orbital mechanics.
美国职业摔角联盟2016 WWE 2K16

美国职业摔角联盟2016WWE 2K16

Get in the ring and Raise Some Hell with WWE 2K16 The undisputed champion of wrestling video games with the biggest roster in WWE games history. Play as your favourite Superstars from the past, present and future and experience the most authentic, comprehensive, in-your-face WWE video game of all-time.
辐射:避难所 Fallout Shelter

辐射:避难所Fallout Shelter

实况足球2016 Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

实况足球2016Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

牧场物语:记忆的种子 Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

牧场物语:记忆的种子Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is a brand new Harvest Moon title from Natsume for mobile platforms.
Galak-Z:维度 GALAK-Z: The Dimensional

Galak-Z:维度GALAK-Z: The Dimensional

这款讲究技术、随机生成的“轻度 Rogue”(rogue-lite)类型冒险以 80 年代的宇宙飞船动画与街机游戏结合超现代的物理运算及敌人 AI!在宛如经典周六晨间动画中的世界扮演主角,但同时享有困难、新潮且考验战术的射击体验。
GP摩托车赛15 MotoGP 15

GP摩托车赛15MotoGP 15

Are you ready for the new challenges ofMotoGP15? Compete against MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 riders on the 18 circuits of the 2015 championship in a bid to win the world champion title! MotoGP15is back with a range of new features to guarantee an even more comprehensive and compelling experience. The career mode has been expanded with the introduction of Personal Teams, the AI and physics have been overhauled and optimized with improved interaction between bike and rider, and a new game mode sees you trying to beat the times set by the best riders in each category.
俄勒冈之旅 The Oregon Trail

俄勒冈之旅The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a computer game originally developed by Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger in 1971 and produced by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) in 1974. The original game was designed to teach school children about the realities of 19th century pioneer life on the Oregon Trail. The player assumes the role of a wagon leader guiding his or her party of settlers from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley on the Oregon Trail via a covered wagon in 1848.
她的故事 Her Story

她的故事Her Story

一款关于一个女人和警察的对话的游戏。这款游戏来自 Sam Barlow,Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 以及 Aisle 的制作人。讲述了一个非线性的犯罪故事。在游戏中要通过检索警察录制的大量视频库来找到事情的真相。
荒野星球 Planet Nomads

荒野星球Planet Nomads

A sandbox game of creation and survival. After crash landing on an unexplored planet you are left with nothing but a few tools and your imagination. Make yourself a shelter, secure food and water and start building towards making a spaceship capable of interplanetary travels. Planet Nomads is a True sandbox game with procedurally generated planets, total creative freedom to build all kinds of things big or small (100+ building blocks already), and planets ranging from desolate wastelands to delicate forest environments and rocky plains. You can try the building part demo of the game already. Download the Editor for free from the game's official website.
园艺妈妈 Gardening Mama

园艺妈妈Gardening Mama

A spin-off of the Cooking Mama franchise, this game puts Mama in the role of a gardener. Gardening Mama is the first Gardening game for the Nintendo DS.
如龙 0:誓约的场所 Yakuza 0

如龙 0:誓约的场所Yakuza 0

1988 年,前所未有经济起飞的东京与大坂,以两个巨大的欢乐街为舞台、两位年轻的主角・桐生一马与真岛吾朗为中心,系列作史上最危险的故事在此揭开序幕。
约会大作战:凛祢乌托邦 Date A Live: Rinne Utopia

约会大作战:凛祢乌托邦Date A Live: Rinne Utopia

Date A Live: Rinne Utopia is a dating sim produced by Compile Heart and Sting Entertainment and the first game based on the Date A Live light novel franchise. The game introduces a new heroine named Sonogami Rinne. The only gameplay system is choosing which girl you want to talk to, and the game itself is centred on dating the heroines. Features animated CGs.
空山求生记 Skyhill


群星 Stellaris


探索充满奇迹的广袤星系!十字军之王 和 欧陆风云 系列的制作者 Paradox Development Studio 隆重推出 群星,这是一款以太空探险为核心的新一代大型战略游戏。
多边形造桥 Poly Bridge

多边形造桥Poly Bridge

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles. Enjoy hours of physics-based puzzle solving in the Campaign and then jump in the Sandbox to create your own bridge designs and puzzles. Challenge friends and the rest of the Steam Workshop community to solve your puzzles and download more levels submitted by other players.
X 苍翼代号:胚胎 XBlaze Code: Embryo

X 苍翼代号:胚胎XBlaze Code: Embryo

Xblaze Code: Embryo is a Japanese visual novel and the prequel to the fighting game series BlazBlue. The game is set 150 years before the events in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. The player assumes the role of Toya Kagari, a resident of Shin Yokozaki City and a sophomore at the prestigious Hakuou North Academy.


勇闯银河系 Rebel Galaxy

勇闯银河系Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is an action-packed, swashbuckling space opera. You’ll battle pirates, explore anomalies, befriend aliens, scavenge battle wreckage, mine asteroids, and discover artifacts. Choose your path as a roguish do-gooder, crafty space-trader or power-hungry privateer - or maybe a little of each! Buy larger and more powerful craft with your hard-earned credits, and outfit them with a variety of wicked weapons and defenses. Set in a galaxy of fantastic sights, and secrets to be found, Rebel Galaxy is above all a space epic of adventure, exploration, and combat.
山 Mountain


《山》一款奇特的模拟山的游戏,是由金牌动画设计师 David OReilly 制作。这款游戏不仅仅是游戏,还是一个让我们欣赏、感悟的艺术品。
狼嚎 The Howler

狼嚎The Howler

Use gravity, tension, and wind currents to get your hot air balloon to its destination, dropping off cargo on your way, in this ultra-challenging game. You'll have to use your skill, wit, and reflexes, to complete all of The Howler's dozens of levels.
战车世界 World of Tanks

战车世界World of Tanks